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About Santorini

Why choose Santorini as your wedding location?

Recently we spent 3 years in search of a place to call home. After visiting more than 30 countries, Santorini in Greece is the winner. Here's why:

As professional photographers we were especially interested in the visual aesthetics of where we would end up living. Santorini offers quite a lot:

The weather. In the last 3 summers we have had 6 months (almost to the day) of no rain. I think there might have been one day where there was a very light drizzle for about 3 minutes, but that was it. Th sun shines every day and the blue sky looks amazing in the photographs. All that sunshine really helps with the quality of the grapes and cherry tomatoes, two things that grow very well on Santorini.
Often there's a sea breeze, which is good because it takes the edge off the heat, and it adds a dynamic element to wedding photographs.

The people. The Greek people by nature are very warm and kind. Where we live we have the most wonderful neighbours. They speak very little English in our village, but they are so generous and welcoming to us, we feel very blessed to live amongst them. In the major tourist towns English is widely spoken. Greece is beautiful and enchanting, crazy and illogical, disorganized and stunning, and charming all at the same time. And if you're there long enough, it gets under your skin. We miss it as soon as we leave.

The views. The view over the caldera is probably one of the most photographed views in the world. It is stunning and still takes our breath away every time we see it. To walk along the marble walkway through the town of Oia is one of the best evening strolls anywhere in the world.  This is one of those places in the world that will exceed your expectations, even if yo've seen photographs of it. We're still awe-inspired every time. And considering we have a career in photography, that takes some doing!

Apart from the stunning views, the most surprising aspect of Santorini is the number of beautiful quaint traditional villages. They are all quite different from each other, and all well worth taking time to stroll through. And they make amazing backdrops for weddings, and also for beautiful couples portraits. Santorini is quite architecturally unique. Plus there are the vineyards and boutique wineries to sample from, ancient ruins to explore, the stunningly photographic port of Ammoudi, plus a few hidden spots we 'locals' love to frequent that most tourists never see. Except of course if you go on a guided tour. And of course there's nothing quite like enjoying a romantic dinner watching the sun go down over the caldera. We feel extremely privileged to call Santorini home.

Weddings. We're sure these same reasons will help you decide that Santorini really is a great place for your wedding. If you need any help at all with any wedding related items on Santorini, please email us and we'll be glad to help.

And of course, if you would like a wedding photographer on Santorini, we welcome your enquiry. We look forward to seeing you on Santorini soon!