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Judy Reinen

Judy’s photography has an International audience with two global licenced brands and her photography adorning a wide array of products, including a large plush toy range inspired from her photography of animals.

The author of seven books with accolades ranging from Industry awards winning for Hallmark U.K -The Best Photographic Range of Greeting Cards - ‘A Henry award’.

Judy was voted Pet Photographer of The Millenium by Pets and Vets magazine, Australia. Judy has won first in the world twice in Las Vegas at W.P.P.I awards and second four times. Judy has been awarded The Master of Photography Title with two gold bars, winning 76 National and International awards. Seen on numerous t.v shows and magazines internationally.

On the island of Santorini in Greece a few have been fortunate to have had photography lessons with Judy where she delights to share her skills to help others open up the world of photography and transform people’s abilities photographically.

Having photographed professionally for over thirty years Judy has this passion for capturing both people and animals, add a classic car into this mix then she is extra happy!

Judy’s hope and mission is her portrait photography will bring you joy everyday.

Real Life is about Love she says. ‘My aim is to capture your connections of love and laughter in your life in a way that will bring a visual appreciation of the people and animals we hold most dear’.

For what makes each and every one of us so unique?

‘I love to capture portrait’s that help us feel good about ourselves and help us celebrate one another for who we are and what we bring to this world. I hope your portraits help you to take a moment to enjoy your family and animals, a moment of clarity in which you see your relationship with them and that you will cherish each other in a whole new light’.

Judy Reinen

“Capturing a moment in time, a look, an expression, now captured forever to relive & enjoy. That’s excitement for me!”

we have a portrait capturing so much more than just an image, as this moment will resonate with the recipient and bring enjoyment for generations as it is displayed in one’s home. No one else can tell you what a portrait means to you, it’s personal. They are anchor points in time for us to recall emotions, fill our heart with warmth and feed our souls.

Photography connects our present with our past, there’s no other medium quite like it. It’s a way for us to remember our journey through life and be able to enjoy our interactions visually celebrating our love and laughter.

A skilled portrait photographer helps bring out our inner self. By drawing out the best expressions and complementing it with the perfect atmosphere and composition, we are able to frame you in a manner that is likely to surprise you. We longingly reflect your true self, through our lens, back to you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my goal is to provide you with this beauty with my photography services. Let’s capture a moment together, frozen in time, so that you can hold onto it forever.

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  • Portraits

  • Boys & their toys

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Judy Reinen

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