They say a
picture is
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Layer this moment in time with the emotions captured with the people and animals you love Judy Reinen

Capture the most cherished people in your life. Time passes so quickly, children grow up so fast, and family and lifestyle photography allow us to make sure that we capture some priceless moments for you.

Happiness, bliss, peace, and memories. Add a drop of photography in the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a trip that you’ll never forget. Take the places you love home with you.

“We may have pets, but when it comes to unconditional love, they are the masters”
- Donald L. Hicks

Photography allows us to capture their personalities and celebrate one of the closest friends we’ll ever know.

With a skilled photographer behind the camera, I will be able to capture your energy, emotion, and beauty. Portraiture allows you to see how beautiful and unique you truly are.

There’s something special about how even as a man matures, he maintains a child-like fascination and appreciation for cars, motorcycles, or any other objects that inspire him.

Life has led me back to Aotearoa and I am currently working in this beautiful country. I’m not sure where this journey will take me next and how long I’ll stay in New Zealand, but for the time being, view my world-famous, award-winning images. Get in contact for licensing rights.


“Capturing a moment in time, now captured forever for you to relive & enjoy as wall art. That’s excitement for me!”

We have a portrait capturing so much more than just an image, as this moment will resonate with the recipient and bring enjoyment for generations as it is displayed in one’s home. No one else can tell you what a portrait means to you, it’s personal. They are anchor points in time for us to recall emotions, fill our heart with warmth and feed our souls.

Photography connects our present with our past, there’s no other medium quite like it. It’s a way for us to remember our journey through life and be able to enjoy our interactions visually celebrating our love and laughter.

A skilled portrait photographer helps bring out our inner self. By drawing out the best expressions and complementing it with the perfect atmosphere and composition, we are able to frame you in a manner that is likely to surprise you. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and my goal is to provide you with this beauty with my photography services. Let’s capture a moment together, frozen in time, so that you can hold onto it forever.

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  • Four legged friends

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  • Boys & their toys

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